PUBG to return to India around Diwali: Collaboration with Microsoft

The most loved game in the country (INDIA), PUBG was officially banned a few months ago along with 59 other Chinese apps over security concerns. With over 50% of the youth making themselves busy during the lockdown with this game, the government of India wanted the security concerns of the country to remain on top. But, the biggest news for PUBG lovers is set to come somewhere around this Diwali. Whereas, the company has not asked any official to make any announcement as of now.

Earlier Indian PUBG streamers indirectly made the announcement on social media

It seems that the PUBG Corporation has already informed the top streamers of India that they might return to India somewhere around Diwali. The South Korean firm has already connected with Global Cloud Services in order to make sure that the data of Indians remain within the country. This would also create a sense of trust among the Indian players and the government that their data is not leaked and privacy and safety concerns are given the utmost priority.

Entity hints on PUBG Return
Entity hints on PUBG Return

Through the Instagram stories of some of the biggest players and streamers of the game, one is sure that they have been privately informed by the Corporation about the return of PUBG to India. However, they have asked everyone to keep things private until and unless it is confirmed by the Indian Government.

Collaboration with Microsoft

On Saturday, November 7, The parent firm of PUBG Corporation, Krafton made an announcement that they have collaborated with Microsoft in order to return to India. PUBG will now be hosted on Microsoft Azure. Azure will look after the protection of the data and privacy of the Indian players.

PUBG Ban Notice
PUBG Ban Notice

Through Microsoft, It will be easy for PUBG to return to India with high-level security of data and privacy. Microsoft has always been at the utmost when it comes to the safety and security of data. This is how PUBG Corporation will now be able to return to India.

Similar games can suffer after PUBG’s return

With PUBG returning to India, it can be a big loss for the new games that have been launched in order to attract online gamers and increase their revenue because of the ban on PUBG. With over 52 million users of PUBG, other new games similar to PUBG have been launched in order to earn and increase their profit.

Updates on F-AUG game

The new game that is set to be launched in November, F-AUG might not see a huge number of downloads if PUBG returns. The launch of the game was announced by Akshay Kumar just after few days of the PUBG ban. But since PUBG is constantly trying to return to India, the players might not download F-AUG. Firstly because it is new, and secondly, the players who represent PUBG India at global levels will carry on with their contracts. Their hands are set on PUBG and also they have a huge fan base on social platforms because of PUBG.

Teams like Entity, Soul, Fnatic, etc have a huge contract with their clans in order to represent India at global PUBG tournaments.

Diwali gift for PUBG gamers

Since the Korean Company has already been looking for ways to bring the game back in India along with keeping in mind the privacy of data of the gamers. Now that Tencent gaming, being a china based company is out of the business, PUBG can now look forward to returning back to India.

PUBG Players hints on PUBG Return
PUBG Player hints on PUBG Return

This can be in fact be a Diwali gift for all the gamers who have been playing this game for such a long time and some who have been playing this game professionally and representing their country at world events. They all can return to playing their favorite game again and also continue it as a professional career a well.

PUBG might provide jobs to players

PUBG Corporation might be looking to provide jobs to the players on the basis of their gaming skills. This will not only boost the morale of the players but also create a sense of trust among the people of the country. With jobs being given, the families will also come forward to support online gaming because if you are good at something, you should follow your passion.


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