PUBG- A new rise in online gaming

Playerunknown’s Battlegrounds, popularly known as PUBG is already at its peak when it comes to downloads and addiction. PUBG has already occupied a space in every youngster’s heart who is into gaming. This game has got a separate fan base in the whole world. With new competitions worldwide, this game has risen to a very great level. Players from different countries get to represent their country in the World Championships. This game has already got great attention among the youth. No doubt that excess gaming is harmful, but this game has brought a whole lot of price money for the winning teams which boost the morale of the youngsters who wins in lacs.

Here are some facts which makes this game a great chance for youngsters to become world-famous and also earn much more than they could have imagined.

PUBG Tournaments and World Leagues

PUBG Mobile
PUBG Mobile

Earlier this game was just about killing enemies and getting the chicken dinner mark. Now, things have changed way too much as this game has been taken into a whole new level. The capable and top players form every country get to play tournaments which are not just tournaments, but the pride to represent your country at different leagues.

The Players are chosen on the basis of their kills and skills. Every country sends their top players in the world league because the fame and price money of the leagues are much higher than the guys can imagine.

Every player gets their salary too from their squad. Each player plays a vital role in the win of a team. The big trophies and price money boosts the payers to work even harder.

Higher Price Money in PUBG

PUBG: A new rise in online gaming
PUBG Mobile

There is no doubt that this game is very much exciting and is loved by millions. But, there is an add-on to this, which is the price money that the players get when they appear in the leagues and tournaments of this game.

In the year 2019, PUBG Mobile India Tour announced prize money of 1.5 crore rupees with the category as follows:

Prize MoneyPrize Money To
50,000The player with maximum foot travel
50,000The Player with the highest damage
50,000The Player with highest MVPs.
50,000The Payer with maximum Headshots.
1,00,000The Squad with the most number of kills.
1,00,000The Squad with maximum kills with a grenade.

PUBG increases the Concentration Level

PUBG: A new rise in online gaming
Higher concentration level.

However, this game affects the eyes and brain of a person if played too much. But, if one plays by putting UV Rays glasses, there is not much hard to the eyes. Also, these games increase the concentration level of s person. Every player is focused on the game because an enemy might be hiding near them.

This is the advantage of playing this game as it helps a person is concentrating on a single thing at one time. Too much of playing is also not good, but at a certain level, this game is going to increase your concentration level to a good extent.

Relation with other countries

As players form every country get to play in the world leagues organised by the management of PUBG, the players get to interact with other players form the respective country during the tournament. The youngsters get to travel and make new friends from different countries.

With this, the relation between the upcoming generation of different countries is tightened. They get to interact with each other at world leagues. This is why PUBG has served as a medium for relationships between countrymen.

Name, Fame and Earning

make money in PUBG
make money in PUBG

If a player is good enough to register himself for PUBG tournaments which have huge prize money, he will be able to earn through PUBG mobile competitions. With the rise in the popularity of this game, one is able to get fame through this game.

Young kids often get huge fan following if they play amazingly well. They even get millions of fans on social media just because of their skills in this game. This is a great achievement for young kids who aspire to gain a huge fan following the game they love to play.


Everything has some pros and cons. For some, this game is not good as it is very much addictive whereas, for some, this game is a blessing as it allows the younger generation to play well and represent themselves at higher levels.



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