Primary Elements of Coin Master Game

The coin master game is all about protecting your village and rising up the board against your friends. The primary elements of coin master make this game much fun and interesting. There are profit and loss in every game and the same is in this game. Here is a list of a first-class workable mixture of objects and the rewards that one can earn with the use of them.

Three Robber Pigs

Primary Elements of coin master game
3 robber pigs

This is one of the most exciting primary elements of coin master game. If you get the mixture of three pigs, there are high chances of robbing a treasure in your friend’s place. There will be four marks incomplete and you can pick three of them. There is going to be no cash in any of them. You will be having all the treasure if you are fortunate enough to get three of them.

This is a very profitable raid. By the way, this raid can occur in your land also. The sad part is that there is no breakout to the robbery. Nothing can help you shop yourself from the robbery.

Three Coins

Primary Elements of coin master game
3 coins

The cash is going to assist you with the extra currency. You can forex them when there are 3 cash in slot machine. Also, the quantity will reply upon your degree in the game. Also, more forex is going to give higher possibilities to lead the re-creation in a higher level. The benefit of the higher stage is that you will get higher currency.

Three Shields in Coin Master

3 shield.
3 shield

When the word “shield” comes, it always comes to protecting your village. Your mesmerizing village can be assaulted within a few spans of time. Also, this makes it much more exciting. The shield will guard your village from the raids by your friends(basically enemies in the game). You must use the correct mixture of shields to protect your village from major attacks. if you do it properly, only the project will be damaged first, whereas, the village will be safe.

Also, if you are having three shields already, plus you get a protect in the spin along with that, you will get a new spin and your spin will not be wasted.

If there is a proper assault on the opponent, you will also get good quantity of cash which can be used by you in the purchase of new shields or spins.

Three energy capsules

3 energy capsules
3 energy capsules

These are drugs of blue color that are current in the slot machine. When you get an aggregate of these 3 power gadgets, you will get 10 greater spins o a wager of one.

Three coin pouches

It is more of a profitable day than having coins when one receives three coin pouches at a time. The money is absorbed in a lot higher quantity. These pouches can fetch you hundreds of cash. With the help of this, you can purchase extra things to grow your village.


This game is all about luck and investment. You have to be very much aware of everything happening in the game. Because of this, the game is much exciting when you collect spins in order to rebuild your raided villages. That is why this makes it one of the most wide spread games all around the world.


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