Coin Master- The world-wide success of the game

The info about Coin Master is quite simple and easy to know. This game was first started in the year 2016. Moon active being the game studio behind this legendary game which has grabbed great attention of people all around the world. Within a few months, this game grabbed a huge fan base. Be it, kids or adults, everybody is focused on raiding each other’s villages by collecting spins and coins. Being a single-player game, it is still the best game for many. From spins, coins to jackpots, this game has everything which grabs the attention of a newbie player.

World Famous game

This game has a seperate fan base all around the world. From normal people to big celebrities, everybody is crazy about this game. It is just like playing a real life game or a casino. This game is available on android or ios devices People forget about their friends as they are much more concerned about who is raiding them or who to raid. It has crossed 105+ million downloads which signifies the popularity of the game among people.

success of coin master
success of coin master

This game has also crossed 11+ million likes on the official Facebook page of coin master. It is clear from this, that this game has gained a huge fan following within a small span of time (nearly 4 years). This game was also ranked in the top 30 best developers mobile game makes. It also claimed the first spot in the United Kingdom in 2019.

Commercial Success of Coin Master

But as well all know that gaining a fan base will always lead to success in the commercial sector too. This game has got millions of download an.d this makes it a grand success. The Israel based moon active has earned much more than they could have estimated. The game crossed revenue of 510 million US Dollars. The company moon active has crossed 290 million US Dollars from this game. Most of the revenue comes from The United States of America, Philippines, United Kingdom etc. The United States of America has alone been the reason for 275 million US Dollar.

Revenue from U.S.A

The United States Of America always tops most of the games when it comes to earning from each country for the company. The USA has helped the company generate 52 per cent of the total revenue from the game coin master. With 264 million dollars generated by the USA, coin master has been a top-notch game in the USA.

success of coin master
success of coin master

Growth Rate over the years

The growth rate of the game has been truly amazing and one of the best boost for the company. From 2018 to 2019, this growth of this game has been the best. In the start of 2019, the revenue increased by 56 per cent. It generated 55 million dollars in July 2019.

By the end of 2019, the sales increased by 79 per cent of the total gross revenue. The game has shown great growth in the UK as well. The UK helped the company generate overall of 81 million dollars.


India has been topping the list in the downloads section of the game. With over 27 million+ downloads, representing 33 per cent of the overall downloads. UK ranked third with 12 per cent of share while the USA ranked second with 20 per cent.


The game has been very much in demand till now. With capturing every country and from youth to adults, this game has got a big fan base all around the world which has led to the growth of the company as well.


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