Cards in Coin Master: Chest and Joker

Chest in the game coin master consists of cards that can be collected. They come in 3 tiers: golden, wooden, and magical. Chests can be given in special ways. You will have to risk the digging chests in some of the stages of the raids while you take section in the game. Ending villages can also reward you with a chest. Also, the chest can be presented as the application of coin in the in-game shop.

Also, the golden chest consists of 4 cards, the wooden of two, and the magical of eight.

Working of the cards in coin master

cards in coin master
cards in coin master

Cards are basically traded with Facebook messenger being the biggest source. In order to ship a card, you need to open your cards collection through urgent on the icon which is at the back left nook of the screen. After that, Then tap on the set of the card you would like to send. Tap on the card which you would like to ship and then send button will do the rest by giving you the list of friends. You must know this that you can only ship a card if you have greater than one. The gold cards can simply be traded at some point of the one-of-a-kind events in the game.

Joker card in coin master

Joker card is the prize which can be collected as some events or it can be found in thriller chests. It will provide you the electric energy to radically alternate it into the card you would wish to, also consisting of golden cards. Use the card properly before its expiry time in order to get the card you need.

Get larger Gold enjoying playing cards from chest

cards in coin master
cards in coin master

You should choose golden playing cards to the total cards collection. The enjoying playing cards can be fully traded all through the gold trade events, and also the enjoying playing cards that are noted in the particular event. That is why, taking art in the playing cards from chests, is is high-quality to get these. Some gold enjoying playing cards are rare, whereas some are very frequent and regular. To buy these, you must have to purchase a lot of chests.

it is always specific to buy chests in each village. The exotic and the gold taking part in playing cards are unfolding over the villages. If you decorate very unexpectedly, you will miss out taking part in the playing cards, you will find it difficult to get into large villages.

Playing cards in coin master

Playing cards are the cards which are collectable that are located during the course of the game. Themed collection is made with nine special cards. Every collection will reward the players with spins and coins and also with pets. More rare cards will give larger rewards.

For discovering new cards, the village stage will determine the playing cards which can located in the chests.

You can also exchange the everyday cards with your pals at any point of time and the gold cards in the span of different gold card trading event.


It is necessary to develop your skills in the game. The more you experience, the more will be the power to defeat your friends.


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