About Coin Master: Know Everything

The Coin Master game is much than just a game. it is the coins, raid and everything that makes this game much more interesting, fun-loving and exciting. With mobile and internet, you have got the game. You will be earning coins, raid your friend’s village, assault the player’s base and also get the shield which will reduce the damage done to your village by others. You will be able to use the coins in order to improve the structure of your village.

Main essentials of Coin Master

The game coin master obviously gives you a quick tour of the game. The tour is very much adequate to get started with the real game.The game is all about earning and investing. The incomes comes through three major sources:

  • Attacking base of different players.
  • Raiding the base of different players.
  • Gaining triumph coins from the slot machine (the best).

Slot machine in coin master

about coin master
the slot machine

Slot machine is the place where a gamer is going to spend much of his time. You can get to this slot machine by opening the menu and choosing it or by swiping down from the village view.

Just below the slot machine, will be seen your daily variety of coins that can be accessed. Each time you are going to spin the machine, this range will be going down through one. There is no need to worry even if you go out of spins, you can wait for another 5 spins. Also, this slot machine has 4 reels with four unique symbols. If you operate to get 4 of the identical symbols in a row, you straight away are going to function that action. The four symbols are a hammer, a bag of coins, a shield, a spin capsule, and a pig bandit.

Raids in coin master

about coin master
raids in coin master

The Raids are just attacking each other’s villages and making the game more intense and exciting. You can’t choose the target of your raid just like you do with attacks. You will find the name and picture of your coin master just above the slot machine, who is your assigned raid target.

Just when the raid begins, you will be taken to your village in coin master. Instead of attacking the buildings of theirs, you’re provided with three shovels to dig the holes with. There are may locations where you can dig holes which are marked by “X”. Pick up three holes to dig where some will contain a good amount of coins. These coins are directly takes from the coin stash of the person who has been raided.

Bag of coins in coin master

You must have identified what the bag of coins provides. These provide you with coins which are obviously the most important in the game. After a spin, every bag of coin earns you rewards. If you get a complete row of bags, then you are on cloud nine as you will earn much higher with this.

Hammer in coin master

hammer in coin master

With hammer in all the rows, you get to strike the base of any player. You can also select your friends to attack if you have thegame linked with your facebook.

You can select which of their building you want to snatch or destroy. the celebrity diploma gets reduced once you attack a developing net.


All these elements make this game much more exciting and fun-loving. This makes the game more intense and sometimes frustrating when someone raids on your village. Apart from this, these things need to be known in order to excel in the game.



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